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DioxiGuard 78 Surface Spray, the only spray that kills ringworm spores in minutes.

Kills Ringworm, other fungi, viruses and bacteria.

DioxiGuard 78 can be used in your fogger and anywhere your pet has been.  Get the Gallon Refill to always have it on hand.  

DioxiGuard 78

One Gallon Refill


NEW DioxiGuard 78, the only Non-Toxic Surface Spray that kills ringworm spores, other fungi, bacteria and viruses in minutes.

Finally an answer to cleaning surfaces and the surrounding areas where fungus, bacteria and viruses lurk that keep reinfecting your pets and other family members.  Clear out those ringworm spores from your environment with new DioxiGuard 78.  Stop using harsh dips, bleaching agents and other products that promise to kill fungus spores and yet, they never seem to go away.

 DioxiGuard 78 32 oz. Spray


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