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CFA & TICA Registered Cattery

Pet - Breeder - Show Quality

Winnplace Cattery began in Ft. Worth, TX in 1985.  We had TICA’s Best Himalayan and 11th best International Cat in 1986.  She was SGC Winnplace Show Girl.  Showing her from Madison Square Garden to San Francisco, she reached her status in just 4 months.  Many nice show cats followed.  

Through travels and work, our love for Himmies remained strong and we also added some prestigious Persian lines.  Now relocated in southwest Florida, included in our lines are quality cats from the prestigious Lapeyrouse, Lake Hyco, Connaught, Ceylon, Harwood, Handel, and Noblessa domestic and international catteries bringing together the best in color points, CPCs, bi-color and solid Persians.

Our cats are not caged.  They run, jump and play in their comfortable setting.  Animals are God’s gift to us to be cherished.  Our cats are cherished at

Winnplace Cattery…where the magic begins!